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Water is Life

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LifeSpring was established by a pair of UK engineers in 2016 to implement small scale projects in rural Uganda, with 100% of the money going directly to the projects. Our aim is to provide schools and communities with access to water, clean enough to drink, and enough for washing. Our projects are led by our local Ugandan team on the ground who ensure the communities are engaged and the projects implemented are of high quality.

Our main focus is on water tanks and biosand filters for schools and protected water sources for communities.

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LifeSpring uses construction techniques which are cost effective and do not rely on equipment. All material is sourced locally and maintenance, as well as construction costs are minimal. We have shown that a 10,000l water tank for a primary school can be constructed for £440 (materials and labour)! Not only does this work enable the community to learn skills but most importantly children are kept in lessons rather than spending much of their day at the borehole collecting water. Collecting water is risky and children are frequently injured or assaulted whilst collecting water so these tanks offer them safety.


Whilst rainwater itself is clean, the roof, gutters and tank are rarely kept to a high enough standard that this water can be drunk without purifying. Biosand filters remove pathogens and suspended solids from water as it passes through the column of sand. A wooden mould costs just £70 to make and can produce up to 20 filters, making it extremely cost effective. We hope to construct our first biosand filter in the coming year! Watch this space....


Many communities do not have access to clean drinking water and are forced to drink water which is unfit for human consumption. We test all water before protecting a water source to make sure it is safe. Protecting a water source involves collecting water from natural springs before it is contaminated with surface water or run off. For just £250 a community can have access to clean drinking water all year round!

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The first 10,000l water tank we built was at Ongatuny School, Bukedea District, Uganda. Previously students had to cross over a main road to get to the borehole to collect water, both time-consuming and dangerous. This tank provides them with water in their school. They are a great school who really supported the construction and have set up a maintenance regime to keep their tank in tip top condition!

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Help more communities and schools have access to water

LifeSpring is reliant on your support and donations to enable more projects to happen. 100% of the money raised goes directly to the projects to pay for materials and local staff who make these projects happen!

Please donate what you can and consider setting up a monthly donation to support these projects.

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